The Creation Destroys the Creator!

This is rather an ironic piece of information. Imagine working tirelessly day and night on a project, not knowing the prospects it had.


And somehow, through its success, this very same project comes back to bite you in the butt!


This was the case with Gary Kremen, an influential businessman.


Back in the 90’s when the online experience was still being developed, he had an eye for the future.


He created multiple domains, from pornography to real-estate outlets.


But what truly marked his success was his contribution to the online dating industry.

How the Creator of Lost His Partner

As we said, back then, the whole idea of online dating didn’t really exist.


It just did in Kremen’s mind.


He created in 1993, but the whole concept was still controversial and he had to make lots of sacrifices to make it work.


So, in attempt to encourage people to sign up on the website, both of Kremen and his girlfriend created profiles on


Somehow, the idea worked and the user signups started rolling in.


To his surprise, Kremen’s girlfriend found a “match” on the website and started dating behind his back.


She eventually left him for that guy!


Kremen said that it was quite ironic and a painful experience.


However, it really showed him the potential of his creation and how it can make people come together.

Bet you didn’t know that much about, did you?


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