Things You Didn’t Know about Beetlejuice

Maybe you’ve heard about this classic before, maybe you haven’t. Either way, this Eighties satirical horror movie is the bomb!


It featured Michael Keaton in his prime, and it was brought to us by the great Tim Burton. 


There’s a lot that goes on in creating a movie picture.


After the movie is released and watched, sometimes we heard really weird facts about the creators behind it.


This one is no exception.

A Joke Taken Seriously

We make all kinds of jokes almost every day of our lives. But when you’re Tim Burton, people actually take you seriously.


When Warner Brothers was still figuring out a name for the movie, they hated “Beetlejuice.”


As a mere joke, Burton told them they should name it “Scared Sheetless.”


They thought he was being serious and they loved the name!


Another title was being considered for the movie, which is “House Ghosts.”


They eventually made their decision and that’s how what we know as Beetlejuice was named. 

The Science Behind the Name

Beetlejuice is a star!

Indeed, the movie turned out to be a huge success and paved the way of fame for its leading actor.


But in reality, the name is originally taken by a star in the Orion constellation.


When you look at the sky from Earth, “Betelgeuse” will be the ninth brightest looking thingy you see.


It’s rather weird to have such a cosmic title turn to be attributed to this kind of movie. 

Bet you didn’t know that much about Beetlejuice, did you?


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